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Hot air oven and Incinerator

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Hot air oven : -
This kind of dry heat sterilization is recomended when it is undesirable that steam make contact with the material to be sterilized. This is true for certain glasswares - Petriplates, Pipettes as well as for substances like oil, powder, etc. The apparatus employed is an electric/gas oven. Even the kitchen oven can be used. For laboratory glasswares 2 hours exposure to a temperature 160 degree C if enough for sterilization.

Incineration : -
Killing microorganisms by burning is one of the nice way to control them. It is the routine practice in microbiology lab when a transfer needle / loop is placed into the flame of the Bunsen burner.
A note of caution should be added here - When the transfer needle / loop is sterilized, care should be taken to prevent the droplets flying off from needle / loop, as they may contain viable microorganisms which may be pathogenic.
The danger can be avoided by using electric heat coil with a tube surrounding it into which transfer needle / loop can be inserted.
This method is used for carcasses, infected laboratory animals and other infected material to be disposed off. Care should be taken that exhaust fumes do not contain viable microorganisms into atmosphere.


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